The hungry travelers

Voyage, Partage et Potage literally means travel, share and soup



Discover, take our time, share, live an adventure, cook, exchange, laugh and realize our dreams. We are set to travel the world and enter into its many kitchens.


Who we are : Sandrine & BenoîtVPP - Bannière NZ et nous

2 passionate travelers who met at the opposite end of the world.
2 food explorers who love to take the time to cook together.
A shared wish to meet new people from around the world while following these passions.


2 years of travelling : 2014-2016

7 continents
45 countries
Nearly 150,000km
VPP - Itinéraire2


After a year on the road we changed our plans for the second half of our journey :

VPP - Itinéraire Saison 2


A Cultural and Culinary World Tour

Exploring the markets.
Explore the marketplaces where local producers meet and discuss all things food. We will paint a scene of the bubbling ambiance, colours, smells and sounds. See what is bargained for and exchanged; what is eaten and how.


Enjoy cooking together.
We wish to meet families who will open their doors to us, invite us into their homes, their kitchens, and even to see what’s cooking in their pots and pans. We wish to make beautiful meals and memories together. And from time to time, we’ll post pictures of the recipes we’ve made.


Consider the links between cooking, happiness and social interactions.
We are convinced that happiness increases when people connect more. And that these connections are made stronger through cooking. But what do people around the world think about this idea? We have prepared a questionnaire on this subject to give to people we meet while travelling.


Discover social and culinary projects.
To go one step further, we will look for unique and innovative food concepts.
They will be local, viable, collaborative, socially active and have the ability to be replicated.


How can YOU help

If you know of a social, culinary project that is present in one of the countries we will be travelling to, feel free to let us know. We would love to discover them.

If you know friends who we could connect with during our travels, who could open up their doors, kitchens and pots and pans, please put us in contact.

If you have good tips (housing, restaurants, guides, activities, unknown places to discover), we will of course take them!

If you want to support us, help us by spreading the word.

Contact us!


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2 commentaires sur “The hungry travelers

     Hervé ( ( a écrit :

    27 novembre 2014 à 17:22


    Ah! enfin des gens qui font un VRAI tour du monde, des gens qui passent par l’Afrique, merci! Merci! Merci! Votre blog a l’air bien sympa pour changer les goûts du quotidien ;-). En tout cas belle originalité!

       Frisita ( a répondu :

      28 novembre 2014 à 16:36

      Merci Hervé !
      C’est vrai que c’est assez rare les tourdumondistes qui passent par l’Afrique (tout comme les billets tour du monde qui offrent cette possibilité d’ailleurs !).
      Et puis contrairement à ce que l’on peut imaginer l’Afrique de l’Est est aussi une destination qui coûte cher.
      Mais pour nous, c’était un point important dans notre choix d’itinéraire, on voulait passer par tous les continents, donc pas question de manquer l’Afrique.

      J’ai vu que tu avais fait 3 semaines en overland trip dans les pays du sud, c’est aussi la formule qu’on a choisi pour descendre du Kenya jusqu’en Afrique du Sud, avant de faire Mada et l’Ethiopie par nous même. Ca nous semblait un bon compromis.

      Bon prochain voyage en tout cas !

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